Amber Pauline Walker

Amber was born in Seattle, Washington and began writing as a child while simultaneously enduring complex trauma. She has experienced generational poverty, human trafficking, multi-faceted abuse and homelessness as well as being an At Risk Youth from the age of thirteen. In 2008 she expanded her passion for communication and storytelling when she began working as a public speaker; initially addressing domestic poverty and eventually incorporating her experiences with trafficking and complex trauma as well as systemic oppression, vulnerable populations and generational factors.

Amber came into contact with First Aid Arts in November of 2014. The FAA approach immediately resonated with two of the core elements of her personal experience - the creative arts and surviving trauma. Amber began working in collaboration with First Aid Arts in Seattle in July of 2015 and now serves as an advisor informing First Aid Arts as an artist and survivor of trauma. Amber deeply enjoys spending time challenging stereotypes and unconscious assumptions with her two sons: James Michael and Preston Lee. 

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