First Aid for the Heart

Over the past five years, our vision has been clarified that what we offer through our local programs, our Healing Arts Toolkit, and our trainings, is First Aid for the heart.

In the wake of human abuse and natural disaster, there just aren't enough doctors and hospitals - that's why we have First Aid. First Aid trains a larger body of people to use limited supplies and basic training to perform life-saving interventions like stopping the bleeding and the spread of infection. These life-saving interventions are sometimes enough, but they also prepare and stabilize a trauma survivor for further help by a doctor when finally available.

As human beings we have more than physical bodies and more than physical needs. And just as there are not enough medical doctors, there are not enough counselors or therapists. The vast majority of the brave and beautiful individuals we've encountered serving survivors of human trafficking around the world do not have access to formal education, and don't have letters behind their name. They need a practical resource that is safe and effective for healing people with their mental, emotional, spiritual and relational needs. They need a First Aid Kit for the heart.

In this line of thinking, on December 1, 2014 at our annual benefit, we announced that we have officially changed our name from Arts Aftercare to First Aid Arts. We believe this new name is more in-line with our clarified vision for what we have to offer the world.

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