First Aid Arts & LATE NITE ART Live in Seattle!

We have some pretty awesome news – on March 5th we are partnering with our friends at LATE NITE ART to present an unforgettable evening of art, music, food, and community! This is an incredible chance to share the healing power of art and creativity with our community in Seattle. 

What exactly is LATE NITE ART, what will the evening look like, and who is invited to attend this event? Those are all amazing questions that we asked LATE NITE ART Chief Experience Officer Adam Rosendahl.  

First Aid Arts (FAA): What is LATE NITE ART?
Adam: LATE NITE ART is an international creative events organization based in Oakland, California. Our events inspire individuals, groups, and teams to break through their creative and social walls, unlocking new possibilities for collaboration.  

FAA: What is the history of LATE NITE ART?
Adam: The inspiration for LATE NITE ART was born out of my experience teaching art at Interagency South West, an alternative school in West Seattle during 2010-2011. Many of my students had been kicked out of public schools in Seattle, and as a whole, were a disengaged bunch. While my students claimed to have no interest in art, the real barrier was their fierce and contagious judgement of themselves and each other. In an attempt to break through this critical wall, I experimented with music, movement-based activities, and fast-paced collaborative art processes. By creating a fun, almost party-like environment, and doing group projects that allowed each student to remain anonymous, I managed to shift the culture of my classroom. Teaming up with my friend and fellow social artist, Julian Thomas, we created a dynamic and provocative workshop that invited participants to explore their relationship with creativity and collaboration in their lives. An idea was born! Julian began holding LATE NITE ART in Vancouver, B.C. and Adam began hosting LATE NITE ART in Oakland, CA. Over the last 5 years, LATE NITE ART has grown into a global movement, leading over 100+ workshops in 8 countries (Turkey, Uganda, Thailand, India, U.K., Canada, Israel, U.S.A).  

FAA: What does someone typically experience at a LATE NITE ART event?
Adam: Participants at LATE NITE ART tend to laugh, engage in meaningful conversations, enjoy a fabulous dinner, and by the end, feel lighter, more creative, and connected to each other.   

FAA: Who typically comes? Is it just for artists, or can anyone enjoy the event?
Adam: LATE NITE ART is an open to everyone! The only requirement is an open mind. Our typical audience is international, intergenerational, and includes creatives, entrepreneurs, business and non-profit leaders, activists, lawyers, teachers.... well, really anyone!       

FAA: What role is First Aid Arts playing in the event? 
AR: As LATE NITE ART and First Aid Arts have so much in common, we are thrilled to be working together to create the program for this event. Additionally, First Aid Arts will give a short presentation, share stories, and facilitate prompts centered around the theme of art as a tool for healing.

If you are curious to to know more about LATE NITE ART and Adam Rosendahl we invite you to check out their website at

Details and Tickets

Date: March 5
Time: 7:00 pm - 10:30 pm
Location: LoveCityLove, 1406 E. Pike Street, Seattle, WA
Tickets: $55.00

What do you think? Ready for a unique evening of creativity and fun?  We hope so, it's going to be a night to remember! 

Curtis Romjue