Our Vienna Training Through the Eyes of an Attendee

  Clara Gallistl (far right) at the Vienna HAT Training

Clara Gallistl (far right) at the Vienna HAT Training

Clara Gallistl lives in Vienna. In addition to her academic work on the history of theaters there, she works as a performance arts creative. She has experience in writing screen and stage plays, theater and film dramaturgy, directing stage plays, and writing for critical lifestyle magazines as well as for academic purposes.

Clara started working with refugees in September 2015 when Vienna’s train station was overrun by tens of thousands of people fleeing into Europe from unbearable circumstances. She primarily focused her attention on youth from Syria and Afghanistan, and though she was able to help in a variety of important ways, she didn’t feel completely equipped or safe. Clara is an artist — not a counselor or therapist.

When the organization she works with was offered three scholarships for First Aid Arts’ HAT Training in Vienna, she immediately knew this was what she needed.

Clara recently wrote about her experience on her blog, Callisti. Please click over and read her insightful post!

When you help First Aid Arts train people like Clara, you reach across oceans and into broken communities. Little by little, the world becomes more beautiful — and it's all the more wonderful, because we do this together. Thank you.