The First Aid Arts Toolkit  

Our toolkit contains the First Aid Arts' Curriculum with the art materials required for facilitating a group with up to 10 people. The curriculum is a facilitator's handbook for trauma-informed multimodal arts-based activities that create opportunities for creative expression, integration, and healing.  Each activity facilitates the development of core psychosocial skills including emotional regulation, self-awareness, and interpersonal relationships. A comprehensive overview on trauma and the arts, guidelines for facilitating the activities, and ideas for adaptation and implementation are included in the curriculum. Our curriculum has been developed in consultation with trauma therapists, psychologists, creative art therapists, fieldworkers, and arts organizations. Click here for a preview of the curriculum.


Reviews of the First Aid Arts Toolkit Program

First Aid Arts provides necessary skills to facilitate empathy, attachment, connection, creativity, and a renewed sense of vitality for care providers working within trauma affected communities. Their curriculum is well-researched, tested, and flexible enough to meet the needs of organizations.

Dr. Nisha Sajnani, Director of Global Interdisciplinary Studies, Coordinator of the Clinical Mental Health Counseling: Drama Therapy MA, and Advisor in the Expressive Therapies PhD program at Lesley University


The Healing Arts Toolkit is one of the most extensive and user-friendly resource manuals on expressive arts and psychosocial support I have seen. Using a trauma informed lens, it provides psychoeducational information and a set of tool-box expressive arts activities that can be adapted and used in different settings and contexts.  It also provides guidelines on how to use the activities in a Do No Harm manner that supports sustainable development response to crisis and trauma. 

Dr. Odelya Gertel Kraybill, Expressive arts therapist and founder of Expressive Trauma Integration  |


"The (IJM) social workers that attended the First Aid Arts training were able to utilize the creative process of art into their therapy groups. Through the different art techniques, the clients were provided a new language to express blocked or inhibited emotions that have been difficult for words to describe. Please support First Aid Arts so that more social workers, counselors and house parents can be trained and equipped to help women and children in their healing process."

Mae Sampani, IJM Philippines Director of Aftercare

"I was extremely impressed with the amount of credible trauma psychoeducation material that was placed within the Toolkit; considering other trauma modalities and methods that are being used by other top individuals within the trauma-treatment world to address the unique needs of survivors. ...I believe that the Healing Arts Toolkit is a necessary addition to any program working with child survivors of trauma due to its sound trauma training and understanding as well as ability to culturally adapt the materials worldwide." 

Bonnie McIntyre, MSW, Clinical Director at Compassion First Indonesia


"As a practitioner serving survivors of prostitution and trafficking, and as an artist and a supporter of the arts, I believe in First Aid Arts and the absolute necessity of what they are doing! There is perhaps no more deep and powerful way that severely traumatized persons can venture into a more spacious place to experiment, create, discover, and re-connect with severed and disconnected parts of who they are as human beings than through the symbols, rituals, movements and empty canvasses of the arts. And, the intentionality, sensitivity and integrity of the team at First Aid Arts gives me great confidence in their processes and content. I commend First Aid Arts to you with all my heart!"

Jonathan Nambu, Executive Director at Samaritana Transformational Ministries, Manila


"I have been so impressed with the organization and forward moving momentum of First Aid Arts. They took notice of an under-serviced and extremely vulnerable population, and have brought healing and growth through the arts. As a music therapist, I have also been impressed with their level of professionalism and dedication to healing through the arts in Seattle and abroad. The Healing Arts Toolkit is simple and conscientious of the needs of both the victims of human trafficking, and the needs of the facilities providing services."

Kirsten Hutchison, Music Therapist at Music Works Northwest, Bellevue, WA


"Thank you so much for all the time and effort you have put into making this a user friendly and multi-culturally appropriate approach. The activities are simple, yet really useful.... I look forward to the day when your team can come and give our staff and others like us more insight into your curriculum."

Beth Waterman, Kolkata Field Director at Word Made Flesh, India