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First Aid Arts Introductory Workshop | Seattle, WA

February 24, 2018

First Aid Arts equips trauma care providers, community workers, and volunteers with arts-based tools and training. 

At our three-hour introductory workshop, you will learn what First Aid Arts does in depth and receive a crash course in the schools of thought used to develop our curriculum. 


FREE!! Plus coffee and snacks!  

Limited spots available—tell your friends! Hurry!

Registration for this workshop is now CLOSED.


Does this workshop cost anything?
No! It is completely free to come play with us. You just need to register!

What is the cancellation policy?
We ask that you register/cancel by February 20th, 2018 as a courtesy. 

Other questions or concerns? 
Email us at


Saturday, February 24   |   10:00am - 1:00pm


Gravity Payments
5601 22nd Ave NW, Seattle WA
Suite 200