Dr. Dean Hirsch

Dr. Dean R. Hirsch serves as a part-time consultant to a number of non-profit agencies that are providing assistance domestically and internationally. His focus remains on programs serving the poor and disadvantaged. Among his clients are World Vision, KPMG and Child Help.

Hirsch, who was World Vision International president from 1996 through September 2009 and served as Global Ambassador for World Vision until 2010, is known for refocusing WV’s development and advocacy work on children. Under Hirsch’s watch, WV dramatically scaled up its relief operations, and grew its income five-fold.

A veteran of world trouble spots including Somalia and North Korea, Hirsch has worked extensively in disaster and post-conflict situations. He has helped set up famine relief in Ethiopia, AIDS prevention work in Africa and Asia, and peace building programs in countries such as Bosnia, Rwanda and El Salvador.