Nisha Sajnani

“First Aid Arts provides necessary skills to facilitate empathy, attachment, connection, creativity, and a renewed sense of vitality for care providers working within trauma affected communities. Their curriculum is well-researched, tested, and flexible enough to meet the needs of organizations.”

— Nisha Sajnani

Nisha Sajnani, Ph.D.,RDT/BCT is the Director of Global Interdisciplinary Studies, Coordinator of the Clinical Mental Health Counseling: Drama Therapy MA, and Advisor in the Expressive Therapies PhD program at Lesley University. She is also on faculty with the Harvard Program in Refugee Trauma where she teaches about trauma-informed, arts-based practices in the context of global mental health, and with New York University where she teaches arts based research. Dr. Sajnani maintains a private practice at the Post Traumatic Stress Center in New Haven, CT where she was previously the Director of Community Health. She is the co-editor of Trauma-Informed Drama Therapy: Transforming Clinics, Classrooms, and Communities (Charles C. Thomas, 2014), the Principal Editor of Drama Therapy Review, the international, peer-reviewed journal of the North American Drama Therapy Association, and coordinates an international network on the Arts and Displacement. Her research interests include culturally responsive pedagogy and the role of oral history,  improvisational performance, and photography in investigating notions of identity, memory, place, violence, interdependence, and sustainability. Recent projects include Mapping Home: A Crisis of Place and Lives That Matter. Dr. Sajnani was given the Corann Okorodudu Global Women's Advocacy Award from the American Psychological Association.