Create beauty and healing one month at a time 

At First Aid Arts we believe creativity has the power to heal the invisible wounds of trauma. Through music, dance, drawing, writing, painting, and moving, creative expression is a beautiful way to restore our body's ability to tolerate stress, regulate emotion, and connect with others. In the physical, emotional, and spiritual aftermath of trauma, art is a powerful tool for restoration.

As a Restoration Partner, you understand the universal power of creativity, and you are on a mission to provide the healing power of the arts to trauma survivors all around the world. Through recurring monthly donations, your ongoing gift brings creative healing to human trafficking survivors, refugee communities, and survivors of natural disaster.

Join our ever growing community of Restoration Partners and make a difference in the lives of trauma survivors: from providing Healing Arts Toolkits to training entire organizations, you are empowering a new generation of care providers to bring hope and healing. Partner with us at any amount that works for your budget, or join at one of the following levels:


$10.00 | 1 HAT Toolkit 

 Join us at the ground level of our mission - with your monthly gift of $10.00 one facilitator receives our Healing Arts Toolkit, a collection of creative materials used to facilitate arts based groups with 6-10 survivors. 


$70.00 | Equip 2 HAT Facilitators 

Restoration Partners joining at $70.00 provide two trauma care providers with training and ongoing support to implement the Healing Arts Toolkit with trafficking survivors, refugees, and other highly traumatized populations.


$20.00 | 2 HAT Toolkits 

Your generous ongoing gift of $20.00 per month will equip two trauma care providers with the Healing Arts Toolkit, empowering them with all the creative resources needed to facilitate a healing arts group with 12-20  trauma survivors. 


$85.00 | Equip 1 Organization

Partnering with us at $85 per month provides three trauma care providers from one organization with our Healing Arts curriculum, training, and toolkit, effectively empowering them to serve hundreds of trauma survivors with the healing arts.


$35.00 | Equip 1 HAT Facilitator 

The heart and soul of our mission is to empower trauma care providers with arts based tools and training. At $35.00 a month, you are responsible for training one trauma care provider to provide ongoing service to survivors of trauma. 


$100.00 + | Maximum Impact 

Many Restoration Partners join us at the $100-$200 per month range to maximize their impact. At this level you are empowering care providers all over the world to bring hope and healing to survivors of trauma. 

Restoration Partner FAQ's 

How do I sign up to become a Restoration Partner?
When you are ready to join us as a Restoration Partner you can create a donor account by clicking here. You will instantly be redirected to our giving portal hosted with Network 4 Good, and will be prompted to input your personal and financial information. Once your account is activated, you will see a monthly charge for the amount you determine. 

Can I give a custom amount as a Restoration Partner? 
Of course! We are honored to have Restoration Partners that range from $5.00 per month to $500.00! Simply enter the amount you desire in the field marked 'Other' when creating your account. 

You talk a lot about monthly donations, but what if I want to make a quarterly gift? 
Great! When you create your account you have the option between a monthly gift and a quarterly gift - simply choose the one that's best for you. 

What if I want to increase my monthly investment? 
Brilliant! Simply login to your account and update the donation amount as you desire. 

When will my card be charged? 
If you sign up as a monthly partner, your card will be charged on the monthly anniversary of your registration. If you choose to give quarterly, your card will be charged every three months. 

Is my  information private and secure?
Absolutely. In order to keep your personal and financial information confidential we partner with Network 4 Good to manage and process all donations. We will never distribute or share your information with third parties. 

Are my monthly donations tax deductible? And when will I get a receipt? 
All of your donations as a Restoration Partner are tax deductible. You will be emailed a receipt every month (or quarterly, depending of your selection) when your donation is processed. You will also be issued a year end giving receipt for tax purposes. 

Can I cancel at anytime? 
Yes. Cancel your plan anytime by logging into your account.