First Aid Arts Scholarship Program

First Aid Arts aims to make our training offerings as accessible as we can. With the help of generous donors we are able to provide a limited number of scholarships or work-study positions. Our intention in underwriting these costs is to increase access and diversity at our trainings, particularly to individuals providing services to underserved/underrepresented portions of our population.

We appreciate your interest in applying for a scholarship to attend a First Aid Arts training. Please take a few minutes to review the criteria for scholarship eligibility before completing the application included below. Please note that scholarship applications are due two weeks (14 days) before the registration deadline. Please see your Training Registration Page's FAQ section for the exact date.

Your submission will be reviewed by a First Aid Arts staff members soon after the scholarship application due date (two weeks before registration deadline) at which point we will email applicants of our decision.

Scholarship recipients are required to pay a minimum of $75 for any two-day training registration. Please note that we are only able to provide partial scholarships at this time (up to a maximum of $200 off the price of registration). If you receive a scholarship and are unable to pay the $75 minimum required, we will help direct you towards other ways of raising funds for your registration. Scholarship funds may only be applied to the registration fee and are not transferable.

 Criteria for Scholarship Eligibility

To be considered for a First Aid Arts scholarship we recommend that you:

1) Are currently working or volunteering to provide direct services to trauma survivors or other vulnerable populations

2) Believe in the importance of creativity and the arts for personal care and to enhance resiliency

3) Are endorsed by an official organization

4) Have capacity to implement the tools we provide in our trainings

5) Are willing to complete and send evaluations to First Aid Arts

6) Have a desire to learn, take creative risks, and have fun!

Work/Study Volunteer Program

Consider volunteering at a training in exchange for a spot at a training!

Work/Study volunteer positions are provided at almost 75% off the cost of registration and require a commitment to fulfilling specific duties as outlined by the Volunteer Coordinator (minimum of a $75 fee).

The work/study volunteer commitment entails arriving two hours early to help set up, staying two hours after the end of the training to help take down, and supporting the First Aid Arts team during breaks in the training. Volunteers may be asked to do a wide variety of duties that include, but are not limited to, working at the registration table, helping to assist in arranging chairs or tables, covering tables/floors to protect from art materials, assisting the training team in setting up AV equipment, assisting with art materials, directing registrants to restrooms, elevators, or lunch spots, assisting with social media and photography, actively engaging with other trainees as part of First Aid Arts’ Creative Community of Care, or other needs.  If you have a skill or ability that would help you in one of these areas, or a limitation or disability that prohibits your participation in one of these areas, please make a note of this on your application.

 Please note that volunteer placements are not guaranteed and are subject to availability and limitations. Opportunities are not assigned strictly on a first-come, first-serve basis; factors such as specific skills, flexibility, experience, and more will be considered in each case.

Your application will be received and reviewed by the Volunteer Coordinator, and if selected, you will receive a ‘work/study volunteer offer’ via email accompanied by details of our Volunteer Policies and Procedures. If you choose to accept, you will reply to the email confirming your acceptance. The Volunteer Coordinator will follow up with instructions for registering (including your scholarship code for registration check-out) and additional information relevant to your role. First Aid Arts reserves the right to withdraw the offer if you are unable to fulfill your duties as a work/study volunteer or if you are in violation of our Volunteer Policies and Procedures.

Scholarship Application 

Name *
Date, Title, and Location
Do you serve in a volunteer capacity?
Years working with trauma survivors? *
How likely are you to implement the programming you develop through our training in the next 3-6 months? *
We encourage each scholarship candidate to contribute what they can towards their registration fee (minimum of $75)
Please indicate if you are able and interested in our Work Study Program
Check as many as apply. Please keep in mind assisting in the training may require lifting up to 50 lbs and handling food.