Sponsor a Training 

If you, your family, or your organization wants to invest in the lives of trauma survivors, sponsoring one of our 3 day Healing Arts Toolkit Program trainings is the best investment you can make.

Each training equips 30 care providers to use the Healing Arts Toolkit and curriculum with highly traumatized populations like survivors of human trafficking, refugees, and survivors of natural disasters. If each care provider serves one group of 10 survivors, your gift will bring hope and healing to at least 300 individuals - that is an incredible impact. 

Sponsor a domestic training starting from $6,000, or inspire your group to sponsor an international training from $12,000 - $15,000.

We are ready to sponsor a training - how does it work? 

There are several ways to sponsor a First Aid Arts training:

  • Personal Fundraising Campaigns - Using this option, we can create a complete peer-to-peer giving campaign that gives your team all the tools they need to raise money through their networks. User accounts, emails, social media posts, follow up thank you notes, and a personalized campaign webpage are all included - you simply have to inspire your team, sign up, set a goal, and start raising money! 
  • Individual Contributions - We will work with you to share the history, mission, and vision of First Aid Arts to your group to inspire generous contributions. This option works well for end of year giving, charitable giving initiatives, and corporate philanthropy programs.
  • Host an Event - If you want to get like minded people in a room together to sponsor a training we recommend throwing an interactive art party. With simple art supplies and a few guided activities we can help your group experience the healing power of creativity so they can know exactly what their gift is going to support.

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