At our three-day hands on trainings, we equip volunteer and professional care providers to use multimodal arts-based interventions with trauma survivors to help increase resiliency and post-traumatic integration. 

Training Features

Introduction to bio-psycho-social impact of trauma

Understanding of trauma-informed services

Overview of why the arts are useful for trauma care

First hand experience of individual and group arts-based activities

Competency using arts-based activites

Overview of three core objectives of trauma care

Opportunities to practice group facilitation skills

Develop custom framework for context specific implementation

Understanding and using tools for measuring and evaluation

Strategies for staff and self care

Ongoing Support Features

Responder Training

Individual: $425.00(US)

Implementing Partner

Individual: $275.00 (U.S.) Organization: $750.00(US)

HAT Program Training

Individual: $450.00
Organization: TBD