Healing Arts Toolkit Program Trainings

At our three-day hands on trainings, we equip professional and volunteer care providers to use multimodal arts-based interventions with trauma survivors to help increase resiliency and post-traumatic integration. 

What you will receive and experience:

  • Printed copy of official First Aid Arts curriculum
  • Introduction to psycho-bio-social impact of trauma
  • Overview of the arts and its healing powers
  • Evaluation tools
  • Group facilitation tips
  • Practice sessions and small group discussions
  • Opportunity to engage in self-care
  • Networking and resource sharing
  • Expansion ideas and adaptations for implementation 
  • Ongoing support after the training
  • Access to online resources and the First Aid Arts Creative Communities of Care
  • Healing Arts Toolkit including materials for twelve art/movement based interventions (if purchased) 
  • Lunch and refreshments

The training will equip staff and volunteers with the knowledge and practical tools needed to address the symptoms of trauma through carefully researched arts-based activities. Our original curriculum was developed with the expertise of an Advisory Council of professionals such as the Vice President of Aftercare for International Justice Mission, Kathy Stout-Labauve, renowned sexual trauma therapist, Dr. Dan Allender, and the former president of World Vision, Dr. Dean Hirsch, among many others. 

These powerful resources have proved useful to those with clinical expertise as well as non-therapist volunteers. If you are involved in an organization that serves survivors of trauma and you'd like to know if your training is right for you, please contact us using the following form. To learn more about upcoming trainings or to register for a training please click here.


HAT Training registration options (in the USA) include: 

  • $425.00 - Individual registration without HAT Toolkit
  • $1,250.00 - Organization Registration (Includes 3 spots + 1 HAT Toolkit) 

Prices may vary according to training location, and discounts are available to hosting organizations. Limited scholarship opportunities are also available. If you have any questions regarding pricing, hosting, or scholarships please complete the following form. 

“It wasn’t just a training, but also felt like a retreat!”
— Haley Clark, World Hope International
“We’ve been using the Healing Arts Toolkit and the girls are responding well to the activities. It’s perfect. Thank you for what you do so we can be better at what we do.”
— Janice Eunjung Yu, Director of Aftercare at El Pozo de Vida in Mexico City, Mexico
“The training was exciting, energizing, and in my opinion, essential for anyone who works with sex-trafficked and trauma survivors. As a trained counselor, I was pleasantly surprised that my new skills can also help my non-trauma clients as well. I have already incorporated the breathing, stretching, and movement exercises into my practice for those who struggle with emotional regulation.”
— Michelle Woody, ALERT Ministries
“IJM social workers and the trafficking survivors they serve throughout the Philippines have benefitted tremendously from First Aid Art’s innovative Healing Arts Toolkit. This therapeutic resource has helped our teams integrate music, visual arts and movement into the restorative services we provide to trafficking survivors. We are grateful to walk alongside First Aid Arts in the movement to bring justice to survivors of trafficking, and deeply appreciate this useful tool. ”
— Kathy Stout-Labauve, LCSW, former V.P. of Aftercare at International Justice Mission