Art Field Kit

Art Field Kit

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Each Art Field Kit purchased provides First Aid Arts programs and resources to one survivor of trauma. This means your own creativity is empowering another's. 

A driving force behind First Aid Arts is the belief that everyone is creative and creativity is good for your brain and body.  We had the idea to make the Art Field Kit as a way for everyone to carry creativity with them wherever you go. 

Thanks to Cedrus and Artists & Craftsman Supply, two local Seattle companies our dream has become a reality! Cedrus makes everything by hand with high quality, sustainable, ethically sourced materials. Artists & Craftsman Supply stocked the field kit with the following:  

  • Sketch pad

  • Tombow dual tipped brush pen

  • Watercolor pencils

  • Fillable watercolor brush

  • Pencil sharpener

  • Eraser

  • First Aid Arts Postcards

  • First Aid Arts Stickers

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